Investment Strategy

Hibernian Pacific Holdings, LLC seeks to provide income and capital appreciation to its shareholders through the acquisition, operation and ultimate disposition of commercial real estate. 

Property Type: Multi-tenant office and/or retail, industrial, retail properties, and multi-family properties;

Southeast, Inter-Mountain West and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, Europe and Asia;

Return Objective: 
Assets producing risk-adjusted returns in the mid-teens to the mid-twenties;

Target properties for investment possess one or more of these unique characteristics:

Income-Producing: Properties that generate stabilized cash flow and can be acquired at favorable capitalization rates. Other properties that are underperforming in terms of market rents, occupancy, or ineffective operations, but through active management will increase net operating income and thereby the value of the property. 

Capital Appreciation: Properties that are expected to offer significant capital appreciation through increased net operating income. Properties will be selected through identification of geographic areas that are expected to benefit from demographic trends and/or land constraints where the replacement costs and market values will exceed the cost of acquisition.